Corona Circles

Why? In times of social distancing we meet online to create encounters, where we listen to what touches us deeply. To do this, we combine the powerful tradition of the circle work with the current possibilities of video conferencing. Since the beginning of time, people have been coming together in circles to share about themselves and their concerns. Let us use this online tool to get out of our isolation and experience online circles, in which we feel seen and heard. How do you find one another? On this platform you can join a CoronaCircle or invite others to one. Up to 7 people come together and talk about what moves them and listen to each other carefully. Let us form a network of self-organized circles in order to support each other in these extraordinary times! Flow of a CoronaCycle? The CoronaCircle method is simple and effective. It provides a framework that helps to create a respectful and appreciative communication at eye level. Welcome A moment of silence First round: Who and where am I? Second round: How am I doing? What do I need? What touches or inspires me? Third round: What do I take with me from this CoronaCircle? What is helpful? Rejoicing in meeting people Listening benevolently and impartially Courage to show myself with my own feelings, worries and experiences Making sure that I speak about myself when I talk Mindful handling of what is shared Silence is also a form of sharing

Host a Corona Circle

Inviting to a CoronaCircle is easy! When you register, you choose a time frame for the Circle and the language for the call. As a host your tasks are: to welcome everyone and to bring to their awareness the suggestions and the procedure as they are formulated for you in the confirmation mail mark the beginning of each round watch the time (and start the integrated timer as soon as a person starts talking) When a person has finished speaking, he or she names the next person. When all have spoken, the word is passed on to the host and the final round is initiated. Enjoy!

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